Adhesive Powder

Adhesive Powder

  • Corrugation Adhesive Powder Corrugation Adhesive Powder Adhesive Powder

    Corrugation Adhesive Powder as "KarBond-C" is cold water soluble adhesive powder for corrugation operation in Corrugated board and box making.
    "KarBond-C" is used for both operations i.e. Corrugation and Pasting operation in manufacture of Corrugated boxes, especially where fully-automatic 3-ply and 5-ply machinery is used.

  • Pasting Adhesive Powder Pasting Adhesive Powder Adhesive Powder

    "KarBond-P" is cold water soluble Pasting Adhesive Powder for pasting operation of Corrugated board and box making. "KarBond-P" is used where semi-automatic machinery are used in manufacture of corrugated board and boxes.
    "KarBond-P" imparts high CS and BF values to the manufactured corrugated boxes. This glue has neutral pH and have no caustic soda for ease of use and avoid any stains on boxes.

  • Adhesive Tape Adhesive Tape Adhesive Powder

    Kargum-tape (adhesive tape) is specially developed hot water soluble adhesive powder based on modified starch. Paper gum tapes manufactured using this adhesive product have high wet tack and superior adhesion property.

  • Dextrin Glue Dextrin Glue Adhesive Powder

    KarDex-Glue (Dextrin Glue) is an excellent cold water soluble adhesive based on our best grade yellow dextrin for various applications. KarDex-Glue can be made available in various viscosities as required by our clients for paper tube, paper cone, and paper core manufacturing.

  • Corner Board Adhesive Corner Board Adhesive Adhesive Powder

    Ready-to-use Adhesive powder to prepare liquid glue for manufacture of Edge board - corner protection. KarDex-RD (Corner board Glue powder) is mixed in cold water and ready for use.